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Our Terms and Conditions were last updated on 28/07/2022.

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For the purposes of these Terms and Conditions:

  • "Account" means a unique account created for You to access our Service or parts of our Service.
  • "Company" (referred to as either "the Company","We", "Us", "Our" ,or "Service Company" in this Agreement) refers to InPlace BV, BCE 0770678460, Rue Belliard 40, 1000 Brussels.
  • "Feedback" means feedback, innovations or suggestions sent by You regarding the attributes, performance or features of our Service.
  • "Terms and Conditions" (also referred as "Terms" or "Contract") mean these Terms and Conditions that form the entire agreement between You and the Company regarding the use of the Service.
  • "Website" refers to inplace.be, accessible from https://inplace.be
  • "You", “User”, “The Customer” means the individual accessing or using the Service


Article 1. Entry into force

This Contract shall enter into force on the date it is signed by the Service Company. The Customer accepts the provisions of this Contract by:

  • signing and returning the contract; or
  • failing this, by accepting a first service;
  • or by registering on our website: inplace.be

The User is bound by these provisions. In the event of a change, the Service Company shall publish the new conditions on the website: inplace.be and shall inform the User thereof. The User then has a period of 14 days from the date of publication to terminate the contractual relationship between him and the Service Company, if he does not agree to the new conditions, in accordance with the termination provisions set out in Article 5. The amendments will only come into force on the day following the expiry of this period of 14 days, provided that the User has not terminated the contractual relationship in the meantime. The new terms and conditions are opposable to the User as of their entry into force.

Article 2. Situation

The Contract is concluded within the framework of the use of service vouchers fordomestic assistance (R.D. of 12/12/2001 concerning service vouchers).

Article 3. Performance and Planning

3.1. Agreements on day and time

The services are provided on the day and at the time agreed by both Parties and according to a fixed frequency: weekly or fortnightly. By mutual agreement and exceptionally, these can be changed, because of changed family situation of the User or because of the planning needs of the Service Company. In accordance with current legislation, the minimum duration of each service is 3 hours.

The User may cancel the planned services provided he notifies the Service Company of this cancellation in writing or by email at least three working days in advance. Otherwise, the services in question are due and will be invoiced as compensation at their fair value per non-performed hour.

3.2. Guarantee to work

The User shall take all the necessary precautions so that the agreed activities can actually be performed by the household help (e.g. access to the home). The User always needs to have sufficient work for the number of hours planned. The User undertakes to always provide clear and useful instructions and points of attention to the household help to carry out the work and to provide the household help with the necessary material and products for the requested tasks. This material and these products shall be made available to the household help. If they are not accessible, not available, or not in use and the household help cannot work for them, the services shall be due as if they could have been provided. They shall be charged to the User for an amount corresponding to the value of the regional intervention and the purchase price of the service voucher, as laid down in Chapter III of the Royal Decree of1 2.12.01 relating to service vouchers (hereinafter referred to as the 'real value') per hour of non-performed service, as compensation for the loss of profit and the prejudice suffered by the Service Company. Furthermore, the User is solely responsible for the condition of the materials and products he makes available to the household help.

The household helpers of the Service Company can offer the User household help consisting of the following activities:

  • Cleaning the home;
  • Preparing meals (only in the User's home)
  • Household shopping (for daily needs)
  • Washing, ironing and mending laundry (only in the User's home)

The User agrees not to have the following activities performed by the household help: for illustration purposes: gardening, repair work, cleaning common areas of a building, cleaning professional buildings, babysitting, etc.

The User agrees to immediately inform the Service Company if he/she and the household help are related by blood or affinity or live under the same roof, to respect the prohibition of related parties and cohabitation.

3.3. Planning

All employees of the Service Company have fixed employment contracts. This means that the employees visit the User throughout the year, except for paid holidays, paid leave, and periods of illness. The Service Company has the right to replace the current household help by another household help with an equivalent qualification. In the absence of the household help, the Service Company shall make every effort to replace him or her, subject to the availability of its household helpers.

3.4. Handing over the keys of the house/residence to the household help - alarm systems.

If the User decides to hand over the keys of his/her residence to the household help, the Service Company advises the User to have the household help sign a statement of receipt/return of the keys. The User is responsible for the return of the keys by the household help and for the handing over of the keys to another household help (e.g. in case of replacement).

Under no circumstances shall the Service Company be held responsible for the return or non return of the keys, their loss, or the use thereof by the household help or any other person. Likewise, the code of the alarm system or alarm systems with which the User's place of residence is equipped may not be communicated to the household help, unless of course it is a code specific to the worker. In any event, the User is solely responsible for the consequences of any communication he/she may make to the household help on this subject.


3.5. Loss and theft

Although it is the responsibility of the Service Company to ensure a thorough selection of the household helpers that the Service Company makes available to the User, the Service Company cannot be held liable for any amounts, values, or objects that the User might entrust to the household help. In case of suspicion of theft, the User must inform the Service Company as soon as possible and report the theft to the police.

The User is advised to take out a cover against the risk of theft with his/her own insurance company.

3.6. Safety, hygiene and inappropriate behavior

Under no circumstances shall the User ask the household help to perform dangerous tasks that pose a risk to health and/or are inappropriate, such as, for example:

  • Any outdoor cleaning work in difficult weather conditions (rain, snow, cold or heat);
  • Work at heights (more than one meter above the ground) and any work in unsuitable conditions or that involves a risk of falling;
  • Carrying loads that may cause back pain;
  • Presence of exposed electrical wires, poorly attached sockets, etc. 

The User guarantees that household help can work in optimal safety conditions. He must inform the Service Company, among other things, of the presence of dangerous and/or aggressive and/or poisonous animals (spiders, snakes, insects, dogs, cats, etc.). The User shall take all necessary measures to ensure that the Domestic Support does not come into direct contact with such animals or shall at least secure the contact with the animals.

The User guarantees that the household help can work in good hygienic conditions. The User must report any contagious disease (e.g. meningitis, corona, influenza, rubella, hepatitis B, chicken pox, mononucleosis, etc.) to the Service Company as soon as he becomes aware of the disease. Consequently, he cannot accept any service from the household help under penalty of accepting liability towards the latter. 

The User shall make all the necessary material and products available to the household help to enable him/her to perform the work in a safe, healthy, and ergonomic manner. He/she shall inform the household help about these products and about the dangers and maintenance methods specific to his/her home. The User shall not place at the disposal of the household help any corrosive, oxidizing, industrial (i.e. not designed or suitable for domestic cleaning) or dangerous products, such as bleach (NAC10), ammonia (NH3), hydrochloric acid (HCL), acetone (C3H60), white spirit or solvents of any kind in general.

The user shall provide the housekeeper with an emergency box (kit).

The household help has the right to refuse to carry out unsafe and/or unhygienic tasks. In case of poor hygiene and/or poor safety conditions and/or an infectious disease, the Service Company has the right to immediately suspend the performance of its contractual obligations until the User has remedied the lack of hygiene, safety, health. The User shall also be liable, by way of compensation, for an amount equal to the actual value of a service voucher per hour not worked due to the poor hygiene and/or poor safety conditions.

In case of continuation of this bad hygiene and/or bad safety conditions, which may or may not lead to illness of the household help, the Service Company has the right to terminate the present Contract without prior notice or compensation, without the Service Company having to give reasons.

The User is informed that the household help is not allowed to smoke during working hours. If no break is scheduled during working hours, the User allows the household help to smoke a cigarette in the morning and a second one in the afternoon. The User shall allow the household help to use the sanitary facilities.

Article 4. Payment

The User pays 1 service voucher per working hour. We work with SODEXO electronic vouchers only. The User must always ensure that there is sufficient balance in the SODEXO electronic wallet before the performance of the services and undertakes to validate the services as quickly as possible. The Service Company does not accept paper service voucher.

If the Service Company does not receive the service voucher within 10 days of sending a notice of default, all aid will be stopped without any further notification. In the event of non-payment by the due date, 15 euro reminder costs will be charged.

If payment is still not made after a reminder, your file will be transferred to an external partner for collection of the voucher or their counter value (adjusted subsidized amount per service voucher). In addition to the principal and reminder costs, legal interest as well as a penalty clause of 12,5% with a minimum of 50 euros will then also be payable.

Article 5. Duration of the Contract

This Contract is concluded for an indefinite period. Both parties may terminate the Contract subject to 15 days notice. The notice period begins upon receipt of postmark or receipt by email as proof. If the assistance is cancelled by the User during this notice period,the stop date is postponed. In the event of non-compliance with the notice period, the User must pay the Service Company the actual value of the service voucher per non-performed hour as compensation.

This Contract is automatically considered terminated:

  • If the stipulated contractual obligations are not fulfilled and this is notified to the other Party by registered letter;
  • If no action is taken on the written notice regarding the late payment of the services or the payment of the customer contribution;
  •  If the recognized company loses its recognition;
  • Or if the service voucher system is discontinued by the government.

Article 6. Insurance -exclusion of liability

6.1. The Service Company has taken out work accident insurance to compensate household helpers who fall victim to a work accident or an accident on their way to work.

6.2. The Service Company is insured for the material and/or physical damage that is the direct consequence of the defective performance of the activities referred to in Article 3.2. of this Contract. In the event of such damage, the User must immediately inform the Service Company in writing. The User who has taken out a "family civil liability insurance policy" undertakes to keep his insurer informed of the fact that he makes use of service voucher. The User shall bear the exclusive costs of any damage of less than €250.

Only damage exceeding €250 will be the subject of a file sent to the Service Company's insurance company. Any possible compensation for damage proven by the User shall only be paid after the insurance company has agreed to intervene, and in this case according to an estimate in fair value, after deduction of the state of obsolescence. The maximum amount of intervention is €250 000 per claim.

The Service Company bears no liability for any damage caused if the household help uses the User's car to go shopping.

Article 7. Privacy

InPlace complies with the European General Data Protection Regulation and the Belgian Data Protection Act of 05.09.2018. The main purpose of these regulations is to ensure better protection of the personal data of natural persons during the processing thereof. In this respect, InPlace acts as a data controller. Accordingly, InPlace determines, inter alia: the types of personal data to be collected, the various processing operations to be applied to such data, the purposes of the processing operations, the means to be used for carrying out the processing operations. This also applies to the personal data provided by the user. If the User has any questions or if he wishes to exercise his rights of consultation, rectification, objection and deletion for legitimate reasons, in accordance with the regulations, regarding the personal data held by InPlace, he may contact our DPO (Data Protection Officer) via privacy@inplace.be .

Article 8. Values and principles of equality and non-discrimination

The Service Company offers the User a quality service that guarantees respect for human dignity, privacy, ideological, philosophical, or religious beliefs, the right to complain, the right to information and the right to control of the User and that considers the User's life situation.

The Service Company scrupulously adheres to the principles of equality and non-discrimination. The Service Company refuses any request from the User that would be contrary to the legislation and collective bargaining contracts aimed at combating any form of discrimination. Consequently, the User undertakes to limit his demand to relevant and objective criteria. Otherwise, the Service Company reserves the right to suspend or terminate the present contract immediately and without compensation.

Article 9. Disputes

This Contract is subject to Belgian law. Only the courts of the place where the Service Company has its registered office have jurisdiction.

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