Titres-Services: Easy, Economical, Equitable.

InPlace and Belgium's electronic service voucher system makes it easy to book your cleaning and housekeeping services. That means that in just a few clicks, you get top professional services at an economical price.
And because your payment is subsidized by the Belgian government, you get peace of mind knowing that your housekeeper is being compensated fairly, with real work contract benefits. It's a win-win-win.
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What is a titre-service?

A titre-service is a service voucher that you buy and use as payment for one hour of cleaning or other services. To legally hire a housekeeper in Belgium, you must use the titre-service system.

What does it cost?

Each voucher costs 10€ and is tax-deductible. If your main residence is in Brussels, this reduces your final cost to 8,50€. You can purchase up to 500 vouchers per year, but after the 400th the price increase to 11€ each
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How do I register?

You can register online here at no cost. Be sure to order electronic vouchers in order to book InPlace services. Once your details are validated, you will receive your Sodexo number through Sodexo Pass Belgium SA. This number allows you to book your service and purchase vouchers..
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How to buy titres-services

Once you have your Sodexo number, you can use it to buy your service vouchers. The minimum purchase quantity is 10 vouchers (100€). You can pay for vouchers by bank transfer, through KBC, Belfius, or via the Sodexo app
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How do I pay my InPlace housekeeper?

With electronic vouchers, you don't need to do anything. When your housekeeper has finished the job, your Sodexo electronic voucher account is charged for the hours worked. Simple!
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Important notes


InPlace only accepts electronic vouchers

We accept electronic vouchers (not paper) only. Electronic vouchers:
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Are safer and more secure
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Reduce problems related to expired vouchers
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Guarantee the accuracy of payment
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Eliminate extra work for our housekeepers

Use eID for instant registration

If you register through eID, your information is verified directly and your registration is completed immediately. Other registration methods require regional authority data validation, which may take a few days.

Check your main address

Make sure you use the address of your main residence while registering. The address recorded in the National Register is the one taken into consideration by the regional authorities.

Check your titres-services expiration

In the Brussels-Capital Region, a service voucher is valid for 6 months and can be used during this period only.

We're ready when you are!

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From windows to floors, we scrub, polish, and transform your space into a beautiful haven for unwinding or entertaining
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Grocery Shopping

We can shop your whole list or just pick up that key ingredient you forgot for tonight's dinner
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Look your best in crisply-pressed clothes without spending time ironing yourself
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No time to chop, stir, or sauté? We cook while you do what's important

One price. No fees.

With InPlace, you never pay any extra fees.
And paying couldn't be easier: Your Sodexo electronic voucher account simply deducts the number of hours worked.
No fees

One price for all services

Pay with electronic Sodexo vouchers
per hour
In Brussels, 8.50€ after taxes
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