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A People-First Company

Here at InPlace, we believe our employees should be as happy as our clients. That's why we work with you to align your needs with a job you'll love and excel in.  We treat our housekeepers with the respect they deserve, and we check in with you regularly to make sure everything is going well with you.
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Meal Vouchers

There IS such a thing as a free lunch! We want you to keep healthy while you work, so we give you meal vouchers. That means no hunger pangs at work because your lunch is sorted.
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Free Smartphone

When you join InPlace, you get your own smartphone, and your calls and data are covered whether you use it for personal or work purposes. Really!
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Choose Your Own Hours

At InPlace, we're proud to offer flexible work hours, ranging from 10 to 38 hours per week. You control the hours you work – and you never feel pressured to work when (or where) you don't want.

Fixed contract

You're a working professional, so we offer a proper fixed contract with multiple benefits:
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Paid leave
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Social security
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Occupational accident
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Accumulated pension
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End of year bonus

Paid Transportation

To keep your workday stress-free, your transportation from home to work and between work locations is fully reimbursed.

Work expenses budget

Your InPlace clients provide you with all needed equipment and supplies, but we also give you 30€ (tax-free) each month to cover miscellaneous work-related items, like gloves or other equipment.

Were to find us

Main Office

Rue Belliard, 40
1040 Brussels

We are hiring!

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