What is « titre-service » ?

April 14, 2022

To hire legally a housekeeper in Belgium, every client needs to use the service cheques system provided by Sodexo that allows to pay by the hour the service. This service voucher/check, called titre-service or dienstencheques, is a system that is subsidized by the Belgian Government.

Each cleaner hour is paid with a voucher that cost 9 euros and its partially Belgium tax deductible. It’s an easy way to pay for the service and take advantage too.

The Belgian Government created the service cheque system to improve Belgium employability and to reduce worker exploitation and illegal working.

This system provides your housekeeper a salary with all the contractual benefits such as paid holidays, social security, insurance against accidents at work and sickness and more. With InPlace your cleaner will also receive a meal voucher and a smartphone with a good package.

In summary, titre-service is a good solution for you as a client, for our cleaners and for Belgium.

Woman cleaning titre-service

How much is a titre-service?

Each titre-service is € 9 excluding tax deduction. If you live or if your official residence Brussels-Capital Region, you can benefit from a tax reduction of €1.35 per voucher and you can deduct 163 service vouchers per year.

If you order more than 400 service cheques per calendar year in your name the price will be up € 10 starting from the 401 hour service. You can also share this cost with  another person that lives with you so each one can order 400 titre-service per calendar year and it will cost € 9 each one.

How to subscribe at Sodexo?

If you would like to have a cleaner and enjoy the advantages of the service cheques system you can create your account at https://mes.titresservices.brussels/register .

In case of questions, please feel free to contact us on  02 588 99 91 or send an e-mail to hello@inplace.be.

With InPlace is easy to book your cleaning service and with the titre-service is even cheaper after the tax deduction! Book now your cleaning with us InPlace.

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