Titres-services and Maternity: Who is Entitled to the Maternity Assistance Benefit?

October 11, 2023

Maternity is a magical and transformative phase in many women's lives. However, with the arrival of the new family member, many responsibilities also arise, especially in the domestic realm. Recognizing this, the Belgian system, with the government's support, devised the subsidized "titres-services" or service vouchers program. This practical and useful solution aims to help moms, particularly during the maternity phase. But who is entitled to this benefit?

Understanding the Benefit

Service vouchers are tokens that make hiring domestic services easier. When it comes to maternity, the program offers 105 of these tokens, granted free of charge, aimed at moms who need an extra hand at home.

Who Can Benefit?

The criteria are quite specific:

  • If you are a self-employed worker;
  • Have given birth to one or more children;
  • And plan to resume your professional activities after maternity leave;You are entitled to this wonderful benefit!

How to Apply?

Your social security fund is your guide in this process. They will inform you about the right to the benefit and how to apply for it. Once informed, just get in touch with them. They will indicate the necessary documents that should be sent to Sodexo to formalize the request.

Maternity Assistance Vouchers vs. Regular Vouchers: Understanding the Differences and Similarities


  • Both have the same face value and the same validity.
  • They are available in print and electronic versions.


  • Registration for maternity assistance vouchers is done through the social security fund, not directly with Sodexo.
  • Maternity assistance vouchers are ordered and paid for by the social security fund, unlike regular vouchers.
  • A crucial feature is that maternity assistance vouchers cannot be refunded; only exchanged before their expiry.


The arrival of a baby brings joys and challenges. With the maternity assistance service vouchers, Belgium seeks to ease this transition, offering practical support for mothers' well-being. Speaking of well-being, InPlace is on hand to ensure a clean and harmonious environment in your home.

Contact us:

If you prefer, simply click here to go directly to our online booking page. Stay at ease and enjoy every moment with your baby, trusting InPlace to take care of your home's cleanliness! :)

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