Titres-Service for Single Parents: A Comprehensive Overview

December 4, 2023

Single parents face the unique challenge of balancing family responsibilities with household chores. To support them, the Belgian government has implemented a special provision within the titres-service system. At InPlace, we aim to shed light on this beneficial initiative, specially tailored for single parents.

The Benefit for Single Parents in Belgium

Under this initiative, single parents are entitled to a special quota of up to 1000 titres-services per year. This is a significant increase compared to the standard limit of 500 titles for other citizens. Each titre-service for single parents is priced at 10 euros, offering substantial savings, especially when considering that the normal price of a titres-service unit rises to 12 euros from the 301st title onwards. You can find more information about the Belgian titres-service system here.

Obtaining the Declaration for Single Parents

Single parents in the Bruxelles-Capitale region can access the special titres-service quota by obtaining a declaration of their status. This declaration is available on the official titres-service website. Simply visit the site, complete the required information, and submit your application to receive the necessary documentation for the reduced rate benefits.

InPlace: Your Cleaning Partner

At InPlace, we recognize the challenges faced by single parents. We offer high-quality cleaning services that align with the titres-service system, ensuring that your home is well-maintained while you focus on family.

Maximizing the Benefit

  • Time-Saving: Our services save you valuable time, which can be spent with your children or on personal care.
  • Quality Service: Our trained professionals provide top-notch cleaning, giving you peace of mind.
  • Flexibility: We tailor our services to fit your schedule and specific needs.

Contact InPlace for More Information

Single parents in the Brussels-Capital region can rely on InPlace for their cleaning needs. For more information about our services and how we can assist you with the titres-service system, please contact us:

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