Natural vs. Artificial Christmas Trees - Which is More Eco-Friendly?

December 18, 2023

The holiday season brings joy, celebration, and the annual question: should you opt for a natural or an artificial Christmas tree? At InPlace, we are committed to eco-friendly practices and thought it would be insightful to delve into this topic, using research to guide our eco-conscious choices.

Natural Christmas Trees:

  • Biodegradable: Natural trees are biodegradable and can be recycled into mulch, reducing landfill waste.
  • Carbon Footprint: They absorb carbon dioxide while growing, which is beneficial for the environment. However, one must consider the carbon emissions from farming and transportation.
  • Support Local: Buying a natural tree usually supports local farmers, which is a plus for local economies.

Artificial Christmas Trees:

  • Longevity: Artificial trees can be reused for several years, potentially reducing their overall environmental impact.
  • Manufacturing and Transport: The production and shipping of artificial trees, mostly from overseas, have a significant carbon footprint.
  • Non-Biodegradable: Made from plastics and metals, they are not biodegradable and can contribute to landfill waste when disposed of.

The Verdict:

Research suggests that the environmental impact of both options depends largely on usage and disposal methods. A key point is the lifespan of an artificial tree. If used for many years (typically more than 10), it can be more eco-friendly than buying a new natural tree each year. However, if you choose a natural tree, consider sourcing it locally and ensuring it is recycled post-holiday season.

InPlace's Eco-Friendly Tip:

Regardless of your choice, complementing your holiday season with eco-friendly practices in other aspects, like using LED lights or reusable decorations, can significantly reduce your environmental impact.

InPlace: Your Partner in Sustainable Living

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Let's make sustainable choices together this festive season! 🌲✨

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