Introducing Pluxee: The New Face of Sodexo in the Titre-Service System

October 23, 2023

Hello, dear readers and clients of InPlace!

We know how much you value the organization and cleanliness of your home. With the titre-service system, many Belgians have been enjoying the convenience of hiring qualified cleaning professionals while simultaneously contributing to the formalization and fairness in domestic work. We have some updates about this system that you need to be aware of!

Understanding the titre-service system

For a detailed rundown on how the titre-service system works and how to acquire these vouchers, please check out our comprehensive blog post on the subject. But for a quick refresher: the titre-service is a system implemented by the Belgian government to promote the legalization of domestic work. Instead of paying the worker directly, you purchase government-subsidized vouchers and use them as payment. This ensures that the professional you hire, be it for cleaning, gardening, or any other domestic service, gets paid in a formalized and fair manner.

Pluxee: The Change You Need to Know About

The significant update is that the company responsible for managing and distributing these vouchers, previously known as Sodexo, has now rebranded to Pluxee. But don't worry! Despite the name change, all functions and responsibilities remain consistent. If you were accustomed to ordering your vouchers through Sodexo, you'd now do so via Pluxee. The transition was made with modernization in mind, but the emphasis on reliability and efficiency remains the same.

How does this affect InPlace clients?

For our valued InPlace clients, this change is almost imperceptible. We continue to deliver our top-tier cleaning services, and you can still pay with the titre-service vouchers, now managed by Pluxee. If you have older Sodexo electronic vouchers, they remain valid and can be used as always.

If any questions arise or if you need assistance during this transition, don't hesitate to reach out to us. We're committed to ensuring that your experience with domestic services in Belgium remains seamless and efficient.


Changes always present opportunities for renewal and growth. We're confident that Pluxee will maintain its pivotal role in the titre-service system as efficiently as Sodexo did. And as always, InPlace stands by to offer premium cleaning services for your home. Until next time!

Reach Out to InPlace for More Information and Top-Quality Cleaning Services!

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