InPlace: The Story Behind Our Logo and Brand

December 27, 2023

A logo is not just a symbol, it's the cornerstone of a company's identity, resonating with consumers and embodying the brand's essence. In the dynamic world of business, maintaining a strong, recognizable brand is key. Companies like Citroën, PepsiCo, and BlaBlaCar have shown how brands can stay relevant and competitive, illustrating the importance of a strong visual identity.

At InPlace, our logo and brand identity stand as a testament to our core values and the future we envision. They embody not just the range of our services but also our commitment to growth and excellence in the market.

The Meaning of the InPlace Logo

The InPlace logo has been meticulously designed to capture the essence of our company: Innovation, Creativity, Personalization, and Excellence. With an abstract design, it symbolizes the interconnection of these fundamental values, reflecting the superior quality of the services we provide.

The Bird: Our Symbol of Service and Core Value

We chose a bird as our symbol, representing our ongoing commitment to providing comfort and convenience to our customers. Just as a bird builds its nest, we at InPlace are dedicated to creating welcoming and pleasant environments for our customers. Innovation is at the heart of everything we do, constantly seeking new solutions to enrich our customers' daily routines.

At InPlace, we consider all our stakeholders as customers, including our internal team. We believe that a satisfied and comfortable team is essential to providing exceptional service.

A Brand in Evolution

The dot at the end of our logo is a reminder that we are always on the move, evolving and innovating. It represents our continuous journey towards excellence and the promise that InPlace is not just a service company, but a brand that inspires growth and prosperity.


The InPlace logo and brand identity reflect our commitment to providing excellent services. It symbolizes our ongoing pursuit of innovation and our mission to make our customers' lives easier and more comfortable. The logo is an emblem of pride and inspiration for both our team and our customers.

Contact InPlace:

Phone: +32 3 588 99 91

WhatsApp: +32 460 20 50 05 (chat only)

Email: hello@inplace.be

Online booking: inplace.be/booking

Join us on this exciting journey at InPlace, where innovation and excellence go hand in hand to create vibrant and welcoming spaces.

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