How to clean your wooden furniture

August 6, 2023

Cleaning wooden furniture properly is essential to keep them in good condition and extend their lifespan. Wood is a delicate material that can be damaged by aggressive chemicals or improper cleaning techniques. Here are some tips for efficient and safe cleaning:

Dust and dirt

Before starting the cleaning, remove loose dust and dirt from the furniture using a feather duster or a soft dry cloth. Make sure to reach difficult areas, like corners and crevices.

Cleaning solution

For regular cleaning, use a gentle homemade solution. Mix warm water with a few drops of neutral detergent in a bucket. Avoid using ammonia or alcohol-based products as they can harm the wood finish.

Microfiber cloth

Use a slightly damp microfiber cloth with the cleaning solution. Be sure to wring the cloth well to avoid excess moisture on the wood. Gently clean the surface of the furniture, following the direction of the wood grain to prevent scratches.

Stubborn stains

If there are tougher stains to remove, lightly dampen a clean cloth with white vinegar or olive oil and gently rub over the stain. Avoid leaving the liquid on the wood for too long as it may damage the surface.

Proper drying

After cleaning, immediately dry the furniture's surface with a clean dry cloth to prevent moisture from penetrating the wood.


Occasional polishing can maintain the shine and protect the wood. Use a specific furniture wax for wood and apply it as per the manufacturer's instructions.

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