How Much Does Hiring a Cleaning Service Cost in Brussels?

February 28, 2024

To legally hire a housekeeper in Belgium, each client must use the service voucher system, called "titre-service" or "dienstencheques" provided by Pluxee (formerly known as Sodexo), which allows the cleaning service to be paid by the hour. This service voucher system is subsidized by the Belgian government.

But how much does it cost to hire a cleaning lady in Brussels? Each hour of cleaning is paid with a titre-service, equivalent to an hour of work, which costs 10 euros and is partially deductible from government taxes.

Tax Deduction:

For each titre-service purchased, there's a reduction of 1.50 euros, but this reduction is only applicable to the first 172 titre-services. Therefore, up to the 172nd titre-service, you benefit from this tax reduction, effectively making each titre-service cost you 8.50 euros after the deduction. This benefit applies to those who live in the Brussels-Capital region.

Price Variation:

Once you surpass the 172 titre-services purchased, there are no more tax deductions, and from the 173rd to the 300th titre-service, you will pay the base price of 10 euros. However, from the 301st titre-service onward, the price increases to 12 euros each.

Annual Cap:

There is a maximum limit; an individual can only purchase up to 500 titre-services per year.

If you are married or living together in the Brussels-Capital Region, you can both benefit from the same tax reduction (1.50 €/titre-service), on the first 172 titre-services purchased individually in your own names. To qualify, you and your partner must each have a separate user number with Pluxee.

How to Register with Pluxee to Benefit from the Titre-Service System?

To register with Pluxee, simply visit https://mes.titresservices.brussels/register and follow the instructions provided on the website. After completing the process, you will have your Pluxee account in hands.

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