Embracing Autumn's Arrival: Essential Cleaning Tips for Belgian Homes

September 21, 2023

Embracing Autumn's Arrival: Essential Cleaning Tips for Belgian Homes

As the golden leaves of autumn begin to fall and the air becomes crisp in Belgium, it's time to prepare our homes for the cozier season ahead. While autumn in Belgium is charming with its picturesque landscapes, it also brings certain cleaning challenges. Here's how you can keep your home pristine during this beautiful season:

1. Welcome Mats

Trap the mud: With the frequent rains, Belgian autumns can get quite muddy. Place sturdy welcome mats at each entrance to prevent dirt from entering your home.

2. Window Care

Clear Views: The picturesque autumn requires clean windows. Wipe them down to remove the summer's dust and pollen, and enjoy the clear views of fall foliage.

3. Gutter Cleaning

Leaf Build-up: Falling leaves often get trapped in the gutters, leading to blockages. Ensure they're cleaned regularly to prevent water damage.

4. Wardrobe Transition

Storage: As the temperatures drop, it's time to store away your summer clothes and bring out the warm layers. Ensure they're clean before storage to avoid unpleasant surprises next year.

Boot Care: Polish and clean your boots, ensuring they're ready for those autumn walks.

5. Deep Clean the Fireplace

Safety First: Before you light the first fire of the season, ensure your chimney and fireplace are clean and safe, free from soot and debris.

6. Seal Drafts

Stay Warm: Belgian autumns can be chilly. Check for drafts around windows and doors, sealing any gaps to keep the warmth in and the cold out.

7. Freshen up Bedding

Cozy Comfort: Switch to heavier bedding and duvets. But first, ensure they're fresh, clean, and ready to offer cozy nights.

8. Check Heating Systems

Ready for Winter: It's wise to check your heating systems before the real cold hits. Clean or replace filters and ensure everything is functioning well.

9. Floor Care

Protection: Consider applying a protective wax to your wooden floors, preparing them for the increased indoor traffic as everyone seeks shelter from the chilly weather.

10. Indoor Plant Care

Seasonal Needs: Relocate indoor plants for optimal light as days shorten. Monitor moisture levels, especially as indoor heating can dry the air.

Autumn in Belgium is a season of transition and reflection. As the landscape transforms, let your home mirror that change – organized, clean, and ready for the colder months. And if the idea of seasonal cleaning feels overwhelming, InPlace is always here to lend a professional hand, ensuring your home reflects the serene beauty of autumn.

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Let's welcome autumn together, with homes as warm and inviting as the season itself! :)

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