Clean Curtains and Blinds: The Secret to a Stunning Environment

July 15, 2023

Curtains and blinds play an important role in home decoration, providing privacy, light control, and adding style to the environment. However, we often forget to keep them clean, which can affect their appearance and durability. Furthermore, the accumulation of dust, dirt, and allergens on curtains and blinds can create an environment conducive to respiratory problems, allergies, and even impact indoor air quality. With that in mind, below is a short tutorial to help you keep the curtains and blinds in your home always radiant.


Use a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attachment or a clean cloth to remove surface dust from curtains and blinds.


Check the manufacturer's instructions to determine if the curtains can be washed at home or if they need to be taken to a specialized laundry service. If they can be washed at home, remove hooks and accessories, and wash them according to the recommended temperature and washing cycle. Use a suitable detergent for the fabric.

Blinds cleaning

Close the blinds and use a duster or a damp cloth to remove dust between the slats. For persistent stains, use a cloth dampened with warm water and mild detergent. Dry the blinds thoroughly to prevent mold formation.

Stain removal

In case of localized stains on the curtains, treat them immediately. Test a mild stain remover on a discreet area before applying it to the stain. Gently rub with a clean cloth and rinse with clean water.

Drying and finishing

After washing, hang the curtains to dry completely before rehanging them on the windows. Use a fan or open the windows to speed up the drying process. Ensure they are completely dry to prevent mold formation, and finish by reattaching hooks and accessories if necessary.

By following these simple steps, your curtains and blinds will stay clean and well-maintained. Remember to clean them regularly, adjusting the frequency according to the exposure of curtains and blinds to dirt.

If you find yourself short on time or prefer professional assistance, you can consider hiring cleaning services. InPlace, a trusted cleaning company, offers curtain and blind cleaning services to help you maintain a fresh and spotless home environment. Feel free to schedule an appointment here You can also reach us at 02 588 99 91 or via email at We'll be happy to assist you and answer any questions you may have.

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