We make titres-services easy.

Our story

InPlace is a company that provides premium quality cleaning and other helpful services to customers in Brussels at affordable prices.  By offering easy online booking of titres-services, we empower our customers with the simplest way to schedule housekeeping services. We empower our employees to take care of themselves and their families with the benefits of a flexible schedule, a competitive pay contract, and modern technology to streamline operations.

Our founders

InPlace was founded in2021 when Ulysses and Raquel combined his passion for IT and her love for HR.Raquel holds a Bachelor in Psychology, an MBA in Human Resources, and has over15 years of experience in HR. Ulysses holds a Bachelor in Computer Science andhas over 10 years of experience as an enterprise consultant.

Our culture

We care about our clients and our employees, and we're not afraid to show it. We believe that technology should make everyone's every day lives easier. For our employees, that means dramatically reducing paperwork and eliminating travel time for document delivery. For our clients, it means providing the simplest possible online method for booking superb cleaning and housekeeping so they can focus on what they love.

Meet the founders

Raquel Rodrigues

Founder & CEO
Our Founding CEO is a seasoned HR Guru who has loved working with people since her first job as a Career Advisor. Raquel works hard every day to be sure each of our clients and staffers are thrilled to be a part of the InPlace family.

Ulysses Bonfim

Co-founder & CTO
Our CTO and resident Creative Whiz gets his biggest kick out of solving complex problems. Ulysses is passionate about bringing titres-services into the21st century, and uses his expertise and energy to simplify the lives of InPlace staff and clients.

Here's what our customers say

"Very modern and easy to use website.
Super professional work. Recommend"
- Diego P.
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Five star rating
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